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Hello Kitty Astartes

This project originally started as a standard army with a twist. This was back in 2007. An army at the time to crush Kem's own Tyranid army. The years have past.  In memori mento so have the Tyrandis. Before the age of 3D printing, finding all those heads were a definite challenge! There were only so many coin-machines in San Francisco! 



A display, an honor

A work of love has no scale, yet even with this project limiting its size for display was a challenge.

What parts of the army to keep? How much room? 

There are hidden objects in the piece. See if you fid them! 


River of Skulls

The Dark Future isn't just Pink! Praise Barbie. Yet making this piece Grim Dark was yet another challenge. How to get some thing so cute, so "dark".

This pieces has more skulls than any piece ive put together chaos and undead! 



They might be toxic! 

The opportunity to create a lush forest or meadow scene was so inviting. The piece is just short of having its own little Bambi family... but keeping the fungi Fun was a choice.


A puzzle, a game, a joy

This started as a way to take first borns (back then just Space Marines) and make them cooler. Now there are some 70+ skulls, 4 Orc skulls, 5 Alien Skulls, some count of guns and bow, etc. Amongst many a battle story displaying a retired army is a glory and joy!

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