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SPACE HULK 3rd. edition

A Daunting task at best! The Blood Angels First Company needed to represent was paramount. Leaning into the Original Game colors were the right choice! Using older pigments and blending older and new techniques this project was brought to life with love and pure nostalgia! Roll dem SIXES !!!



for the love of the game

Mostly a gift for a very close friend, the thing about this project is that it had to hit just right! Any off "nostalgic" thing would create a dissonance! Marines needed to be BA. Genestealers, Hydra.


In his name.

Finding Sanguinius' light was easy but keeping was the challenge too easy to over. shade and muck up all the details. Using older Games Workshop pigments were boon!



Our number is legion

Creating the balance between the older colors and the new shades were a challenge, as new techniques highlighted with much different shades than the original game. The choice of Hydra was correct.


Classic and Timeless

This project and game is oozing with nostalgia of the 80s when we first played SPACE HUK. A fine gift to an old childhood friend! 

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